At Darmadia, we are committed to helping our clients from various industries to leverage their data assets to improve their bottom line.


We achieve this with data pipelines that are scalable and compliant to the latest data regulations and standards for your organisation to enable more timely and accurate business decisions to be made.


Cloud Migration

Open Source data Tooling Evaluation

Data Warehouse Design

Data Lake Setup

Data Team Training

Data Governance

Regulations Consulting

Business Intelligence

Industries of focus

Payment gateways, eKYC providers, alternative credit providers, digital banks, insurtech, alternative credit score providers, credit bureaus; these technology-enabled financial services all generate and consume vast amounts of data. Darmadia can guide your company on how to maximize your leverage of this data and to scale your underlying data infrastructure.

The insurance industry is changing. Providers are increasingly being flooded with more and more data whether it be internal, traditional or alternative data. Savvy customers are demanding more from their insurance providers and failure to meet those demands results in them leaving for your competitors. Darmadia can help you stay ahead of the curve by leveraging your data assets to the fullest potential.

Companies in the auction industry, such as second hand vehicle marketplaces, need to ingest vast amounts of data in order to be able to effectively provide accurate estimations of asset market prices and condition of assets while needing to keep track of constantly changing inventories and bidding performances. Consolidating these datasets into a centralised data lake or data warehouse allows the auction operator to have timely insights on the performance of their auctions and facilitate higher velocity trading between sellers and buyers on their platforms. Take advantage of Darmadia’s experience in building data solutions for the auctions industry to solve your data challenges today.

Our Core Values

Data Access

Clients can access their data with the appropriate access controls


Ensure that our clients data is stored securely


Clients can access correct and up-to-date data 24/7


Clients can retrieve high quality data insights quickly


Data is well-defined and tailored to their use business requirements


Ensure that our data solutions optimize for storage and compute costs

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